About me …

My name is Silke and I live in Germany in the Lower Rhine area. I’m a few years older than Nicolai (to be more precisely, I was already in school for a year when Nicolai was born …) and I’m something like a series junkie, although so far it has mostly been American formats which I like.

In addition to watching series, reading, traveling and sitting at the computer, I love to write my own stories, but mostly only for myself so far.

About: How it came to this FanPage …

It was more or less by chance that I came across the series “Lifjord – Der Freispruch” in the ARD media library a few months ago and the “give it a chance and take a look” turned into a binge watching. Within a short time I seen all of the episodes and found them to be very good. The actors, and of course Nicolai in particular, played a big part in making the show so popular to me. But to be honest, even after the last episode I didn’t even know his name … (why are the credits in the TV productions getting smaller and smaller these days … 🤔)

Only a few weeks later the new episodes of “Mord im Mittsommer” came, a series that I’ve been following for a long time now. The new “Sheriff” in Sandham immediately casted a spell on me and somehow he looked quite familiar to me. Wasn’t that the guy from Lifjord ?! Now it was really time to take a look at IMDb and of course it was him! Nicolai Cleve Broch! 🙂

And almost at the same time, ARD also broadcasted “Beforeigners” with him.

Now I finally wanted to find out more about him and I browsed the internet. Since I hadn’t come across a fan page while browsing, the idea was born to create a fan page for him myself. Close friends I told about this idea (in the silent hope that they would talk me out of that idea …) were enthusiastic and encouraged me to do it even more … I finally sent Nicolai a message to inform him about my idea and to ask him if he is okay with it … I got my answer 😉

Well, and et voilà, here we are now … 🙂

May, 2021

Me and Nicolai in the Christiania Theater, Oslo, 02. February 2024