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Poster by Fredrik Arff

Official Trailer © Showweb Norge

Bjarte Hjelmeland and Nicolai about “Rain man”.

Produced by Ave Granli Johnsen, provided by the Christiania Theater, Oslo

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with English Subtitles:

Go behind the scenes and see the poster for “Rain Man” come to life

Provided by @christianiateaterscene

14. Nov. 2023 – Christiania Theater: “Today is the rehearsal start for the Rain man production! The whole gang is gathered for the first time – and not just any day. Today is the birthday of Nicolai. The rehearsals were kicked off with both cakes and song”

First photo from the stage (from the Christiania Theater )

Some “Rain Man” Scenes ©Showweb Norge

From the Red Carpet on the premiere day on the 11. January 2024 ©Showweb