Svart Springer (2023)

Svart Springer is this year’s Easter crime for the ear, by Jo Nesbø. The main roles are played by Nicolai Cleve Broch, Gard B. Eidsvold and Agnes Kittelsen. In the role of chess expert, you get to hear Torstein Bae and, as always, the author himself appears in a role you haven’t heard him in before.

This year’s Easter crime, Svart Springer, is a thriller in two acts. There we meet the professional assassin Lukas, who is disguised as a psychologist specializing in hypnosis. We are in a world where corruption has taken over society and is ruled by competing cartels. The cartels use assassins to get rid of their rivals’ sharpest minds. Lukas is doing very well in the assassin business, and is driven by a need for revenge after the loss of his wife and son. One day he is lured into a deadly trap by the psychopathic and more experienced assassin Gio. Will Gio kill Lukas because he surpasses him as an assassin, or is he jealous because Lukas has taken out his mistress Judith? As in an exciting game of chess, Lukas must play all his pieces correctly in order not to die in Gio’s trap.


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