The FanPage traveled to see “Rain Man”

When Nicolai announced in September last year that he will play in “Rain Man” it wasn’t a big question for me if I have to go there. Could I miss the chance to see him live on stage?! Of course not! When I told him that I will come to see it he answered *You are crazy.” – “Such a long way to see a theater play!” – “Too expensive!” – “At least it is all in Norwegian” And of course he was absolutely right. About everything 🤭🤭😁l! It was a long way and it was a very expensive time, and I don’t understand much when they are speaking Norwegian and I AM crazy 😁 I had booked everything already back in September, three days later after he announced it. The trip from Germany to Oslo, the stay at the Christiania Hotel for 4 nights and tickets for 3 shows 😁

And what should I say?! Of course it was it all worth so much. 🤗

The actors were all so amazing but Nicolai’s performance was incredible. He was nearly in every scene on stage with so much text. Terrific performance, terrific job! Wow 😮👏👏👏

But the highlight of this trip was of course that he met me for a coffee and a very nice little chat 🤗

Then he went with me into the theater to make some selfies of us 🤗

Thank you so much Nicolai for making it to an unforgettable time for me in Oslo 🙏🙏🙏

If you have the chance to see “Rain Man” GO FOR IT! You will not be disappointed!

It will be on stage til the 9th of March 2024.

Tickets are still available at: